Application Dos and Don’ts

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The Career Goals Essay: Why Do Business Schools Ask This?

The career goals essay is the quintessential topic you will find in almost every b-school application for both the MS and the MBA programs. Why are B schools so fond of asking this? MBA education is a significant investment. It is important that you are aware why you are making this investment and what would you […]

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MSx STANFORD: MBA Fellowship for Senior Applicants

In this 3 part series focused towards mid-level/ senior managers who are searching for the best fit  MBA, we bring three such Fellowship programs to you. In the first article, we have already covered the MIT Sloan Fellows program, located on the American East coast. This one is on the opposite side- a West coast program, offered […]

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How to Research Business School for Applying?

If you are just getting started with the MBA application process, this is a question that could be tormenting you like none other. Which b-schools should I apply to? How do I research business schools for  MBA applications?  If you have trawled any admissions related forums, you would already have picked up buzz words like […]

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Submitting an Application That Shows Maturity

“I have always believed that great achievements involve greater risks. After my schooling when all my friends were going with the crowd mentality and choosing their career in electronics and computer sciences I embarked upon a different journey by choosing my career in petroleum engineering, I saw a future others did not.”. Every year, we […]

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What GMAT Score Should I Have?

“How much GMAT score should I get for XYZ school?”  I have heard this question being asked consistently over the past six years, since MBA Decoder came into being.  Now that b-schools have started accepting GRE, applicants have added GRE to that same question. For the “cent percent” marks obsessed Indians, the answer could not […]

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Eyes on the IIMs Executive Programs? Here’s the deal

The IIMs open their applications for the executive MBA programs around April-June of every year. These programs are positioned for medium level managers who have substantial work experience, and are seeking accelerated career growth or a change in their job functions, building upon the skill set they have already acquired. As the deadlines to these […]

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Kellogg Introduces the Video Question in the MBA Application

ISB no longer has it, but some other b-schools have added it to their essay components. Accept it! Videos are the new hottie on the tech circuit; b-schools are adapting to them and in coming years, you are only going to be submitting more and more video essays. Some b-schools who require it this year […]

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US Based B-schools: Application Deadlines

The application cycle for US based b-schools is kick starting this September 24th, with HBS leading the rounds. We are publishing below deadlines, for b-schools, so that you can plan your time better. Wharton Application Deadline           Decision Release Date R 1         1- Oct-11                           20-Dec-12 R 2         3-Jan-13                            26-Mar-13 R 3           Mar-13                               May-13 Submit by 5 pm EST Interview […]

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HBS : Transcripts & More

HBS Admission’s Director, Dee Leopold has written a new post in her blog, to help applicants with their application checklist. According to her, HBS will require, “all transcripts be uploaded this year. No more templates for you to fill in your grades. This makes verification after admission easier for us and safer for you.” So, […]

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