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The Career Goals Essay: Why Do Business Schools Ask This?

The career goals essay is the quintessential topic you will find in almost every b-school application for both the MS and the MBA programs. Why are B schools so fond of asking this? MBA education is a significant investment. It is important that you are aware why you are making this investment and what would you […]

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Fall 2015 is approaching, What are you waiting for?

Have you heard the latest Ellie Goulding song which has the line- What are you waiting for? Well, the similarity between the song and this blog post ends with the following question: if you have already decided that you will apply for an MBA program this year, then what are you waiting for? Now is […]

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Volunteer to make your MBA Application standout

A key element of your MBA application is your ability to showcase a 360 degree vision of your personality. The western world greatly values the holistic development of a person, and a hence volunteering experience is a key differential to your profile. Such fellowships are ideal for  applicants who face the challenge of an over-represented […]

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Funding Your MBA – What are the Options?

An MBA from a top ranked b-school is not only a dream for thousands of working professionals, but also an investment for a lifetime. However, a world class MBA comes with its own share of caveats, the most important being cost. To give you an idea, a Chicago Booth MBA will cost you a whopping […]

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Different MBA Formats – Which one fits me?

When you make an investment you ought to make sure that you put your money in the correct place be it equity, bonds, deposits or gold. Likewise, a MBA is probably one of the biggest investments that you will make in your life. So it is important that you choose the MBA degree which suits […]

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Ready for an MBA!!! Next what?

So your cousin, who graduated from Anna University and worked for an IT major for 5 years is heading abroad for his MBA and you think, why don’t I give it a shot as well? Well, if you are confused, don’t know how to go about it, what to study, how to prepare, which university […]

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