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MBA Admissions Interview Series: Why Our MBA Program

In the third blogpost in this MBA Asmissions Interview series, we bring to you why b-schools ask, “why our MBA program?” What do they want to find out? A couple of things: The sincerity with which you are applying to their program Are you a good fit? We all know that ‘Why do you want […]

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MBA Admissions Interview Series: Walk me through your Resume

What do they want to find out? Walk me through your resume: This is invariably the first question in the interview. They have already read your resume, so they know what you have one in your career. Here they are wanting to know why you have made your choices. Who is the person behind this […]

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MBA Admissions Interview Series : Why MBA and Why Now

We are starting an MBA Admissions Interview Series to help applicants answer the most commonly asked interview questions in a way that will impress the admissions committee. We start with WHY MBA? And WHY NOW? What do they want to find out? They want to make sure that the real reason for you wanting to […]

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ISB Essay Analysis 2018-19

Essay 1: At ISB we value diversity as it enhances both the in-class and out of class learning experience. Tell us how would you contribute to the same? (400 words max) This essay requires you to acquire deep knowledge of the ISB MBA program. You will need to research the MBA program by talking to students […]

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Judge Business School

Deadlines: R1 – SEPT 7, 2018 R2 – Oct 26, 2018 R3- Jan 11, 2019 R4 – March 8, 2019 R5- May 3, 2019 Cambridge Judge Essay Questions: Essay 1: Please provide a personal statement. It should not exceed 500 words and must address the following questions: What are your short and long term career […]

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The Career Goals Essay: Why Do Business Schools Ask This?

The career goals essay is the quintessential topic you will find in almost every b-school application for both the MS and the MBA programs. Why are B schools so fond of asking this? MBA education is a significant investment. It is important that you are aware why you are making this investment and what would you […]

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Darden MBA Essays 2018-19

Darden has made a few changes to their application this year. They have changed their MBA essays for 2018-19 by replacing their main 500 word essay with smaller essays that cover a larger gamut of the applicant’s profile. Not just this, they have also introduced a new deadline for early applicants: 7th September, 2018. This is […]

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Cornell MBA Essays 2018-19

For the 2018-19 Cornell MBA Essays, applicants have to answer the career goals question along with two other questions. GOALS: To the best of your understanding today, please share your short and long term goals by completing the following sentences and answering the enclosed short answer question (250 words maximum): Immediately post-MBA, my goal is […]

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LBS Sloan Fellows Program

In our earlier posts about the Fellowship programs for senior citizens, we discussed about the MIT SLOAN Fellows Program and the Stanford MSx programs, both based in the USA. Across the Atlantic Ocean is the Brit version of the program (We almost wrote European version. Brexit, eh!), the LBS Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy. At […]

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MSx STANFORD: MBA Fellowship for Senior Applicants

In this 3 part series focused towards mid-level/ senior managers who are searching for the best fit  MBA, we bring three such Fellowship programs to you. In the first article, we have already covered the MIT Sloan Fellows program, located on the American East coast. This one is on the opposite side- a West coast program, offered […]

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