Complete Application Assistance

Complete Application Assistance

by wpboysnew

Complete Application Assistance is our most popular service. This includes end-to-end help on your b-school applications comprising:

●  B-School selection
●  Brainstorming & idea generation using our structured template
●  Career goals discussion
●  Application strategy
●  Essay guidelines
●  Review, feedback and editing of essays
●  Resume, recommendation and online data form
●  Interview preparation
Scope: unlimited number of reviews, as needed


Who should take this service:
●  If you have decided to apply to one or more schools
●  If you wish to transform your application into a winning one

You can use this service for 1-school, 3 school and 5 school and 5+ school packages depending on how many schools you are targeting to apply.

As a general rule, most serious international applicants apply to several b-schools hitting an early deadline to maximize their chances of admission. Choosing an appropriate multi-school package helps them achieve this at a lower price point.


Application Assistance Process: How it works


Step 1: Building the Foundation
You will fill up our extensive  Building the Foundation template to answer key application questions. The template is critical for three reasons:

1. You will comb through your entire life’s experiences, such as your motivations, influences, strengths, weaknesses and career aspirations to ensure you don’t miss any data points vital for application building.

2. The template will become a reference point for you during the entire application process, all the way up till the interviews.

3. The template is indispensable for us understand you completely so that we can help you build your best application, selecting the right stories.

Step 2: Application Strategy
We review the information provided by you and dive deeper by understanding your profile over an hour-long phone call. The insights generated are utterly valuable in helping you create an application strategy.

Step 3: B-school Selection
We will create a customized list of 8-10 b-schools where you should apply, based on your specific criteria and fit. We expect you to research these colleges and finalize the ones where you will take our help.

Step 4a: Essay Guidance and Review
The application strategy is now further developed for the target school. We will help you select the right essay stories and also provide guidelines for writing the essays.

You will write your initial drafts and email them to us. We will provide you a detailed review of content, style and structure. You will work upon the feedback and send the essay back. This process is iterated several times over till the required quality of output is generated.

As a matter of policy, we do not limit the number of our essay reviews and push you to improve them until they sound compelling.

Step 4b: Guidance & review of other application components:

i) Resume
We will share our Resume Building template with you so that you can create an MBA resume that demonstrates your professional and extra-curricular accomplishments as well your leadership experiences. We start the resume early in the process so that you can share it with adcoms, students and alumni while researching business schools.

ii) Recommendations
Our recommendation strategy will involve helping you:
1. Select recommenders.
2. Create two reference documents of your strengths, weaknesses and achievements which your recommenders will use to write compelling recommendations.

iii) Online form
As the required essays are getting lesser and smaller, the online form has become a crucial space where you can share vital information which does not appear elsewhere in the application. Several applicants tend to copy paste parts of their essay and resume over here, missing an opportunity to offer a new perspective.

We strongly consider this as an integral part of overall application strategy, and not just an administrative task to be completed by the applicant. We will ensure you pay due attention to this section and will guide you appropriately.

Step 5: Editing and Finalization
We will edit your essays for word limit, grammar and typo errors and give you finished, glossy essays.






Let us evaluate your MBA potential and develop your game plan.
Give us 15 minutes.