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2018 Wharton-Lauder MBA/MA admit (withdrew Tuck interview invite after Wharton admit) : 

I came across Namita when I was researching about MBA admissions consultants after having got the GMAT out of the way. From the get go, what struck me about her was the enthusiasm with with she approached the project of getting me into a good B-school.

One of the most underestimated aspects of putting together MBA applications is about time management. It is highly tempting to sit on your essays trying to craft those “perfect” sentences rather than moving the application forward. This is where Namita really shone through – she is extremely particular about you managing your time, and she pushed me to keep my applications moving forward. By setting timelines, reminders and milestones, she helped me balance the application workload alongside a full-time job without comprising on the quality of the applications.

In addition, Namita offered invaluable guidance about selecting appropriate schools for your application, based on my career goals as well past academic and professional experiences. What I appreciated the most was that there was no pressure to “pick” or “drop” any school – she would work on me with whichever ones I finally decided; however, she always gave her candid thoughts on my realistic chances of admissions at each of the schools we talked about.

She has a great support team who are always willing to support you be it fleshing out your career goals or prepping through mock interviews. The discussion with Sachin greatly improved my clarity about my career goals, which then added an indispensable flavour to my essays. The discussions and mock interviews with Niranjan set me up perfectly for the actual interviews at Wharton.

The most important thing about the MBA Decoder team’s service is that you get personalised attention at all times. There is no cookie cutter approach used: you write your own essays and Namita provides you ample feedback on all aspects, along with tips on how to fine tune the writing further.

A special value proposition from Namita which sealed the deal from me, was the fact that there is no limit to the number of reviews that the essays and your resume undergo. At many other consultants, the catch was that there were 2 or 3 rounds of review in which the applicant was expected to have their essays finalised. However, Namita’s approach from the outset was that we work together on the essays until it was good to go, without regard to time and number of iterations.

In all, a great service that played a large role into getting me admitted to the B-school of my choice.

2018 Kellogg MBA admit: 

Kellogg is my dream b-school and is the only program I applied to. I’d happily admit that MBA Decoder’s help has been instrumental in getting an admit at Kellogg. Several aspects stood out for me in my experience with MBA Decoder:

  1. They follow a thorough process right from their building the foundation step to the final essay editing step. Their methodology forced me to delve deeper into my experiences and come up with meaningful insights. This helped create the compelling stories that became critical to my application. By the time we completed the application, I had gained so much self-awareness that it helped me immensely in preparing for my interview.
  2. The MBA Decoder team has consultants with significant industry experience. Their senior expert Niranjan guided me on my career goals. I work in an industry where not too many people earn MBAs, hence the career goals question was tricky for me. Niranjan guided me towards a career path that aligned with my past experience. Although I did not initially agree with him, I realized after talking to several people that his recommendation was based on deep industry insights. I got help from another MBA Decoder consultant, a Kellogg alum- who gave me an excellent insider view.
  3. I did two mock interviews with both these consultants. They coached me really well for Kellogg’s behavioral interview. No wonder I nailed it.

Throughout the process, Namita drove the effort like it was her own application. Thanks to her and her team, I am here today at Evanston, and loving every minute of it.

2018 Tuck School of Business Admit

I signed up for MBA Decoder’s full board of services to apply to the Tuck School of Business . After a long and enduring journey, Namita and her team helped me secure the coveted admit from my dream school.

The MBA application process can be very comprehensive and challenging. I think Application consultancies are a great support system for this – they help us package our thoughts, journeys and personalities. But there are just so many of them out there that its really confusing and difficult to pick the right one. Many of them are exorbitantly expensive and make huge promises, taking advantage of the aspirants’ vulnerability in testing times. But I found MBADecoder to be realistic, honest, committed and fantastic value for money.

I believe Namita and her team have the right mix of collaborative and direct guidance. At the start, Namita was patient and took time to learn about my background and my aspirations. She addressed some of the tough questions on why EXACTLY I need an MBA very early on and probed me to introspect. But where necessary, she also offered some straightforward and head-on career guidance. Throughout the process, she wore many hats – a friend, a professional, a counsellor and also a taskmaster.

For the application itself, I am extremely satisfied with MBADecoder’s support. Namita regularly seeks feedback from industry professionals on the content, ensuring that the application stays relevant and practical while not compromising on elements of passion. Unlike many other consultancies, MBADecoder does not limit the number of iterations on an essay and offers support on the auxiliary essays too! Namita works nights, weekends and stays with you till the time you hit the submit button and even after.

For the interview too MBADecoder’s services exceeded my expectations. Namita set up mock interviews in no time and helped me progressively prepare for the final test. The perfectionist that she is, I had to send Namita voice clips for a hotlist of questions that she created. I had a sore throat on some mornings but can’t emphasise how much this helped!

MBADecoder has a very balanced team. Namita brings a lot of knowledge and experience, the external reviewers bring a fresh perspective and the editing team ensures that our essays stay concise.

Finally, I just want to re-emphasise on Namita and her team’s commitment. I believe this is crucial in a time when we aspirants can become desperate and vulnerable. And MBADecoder I think is one of the few consultancies that possesses this. I would highly recommend using MBADecoder!

2018 INSEAD Admit (25,000 Euros Scholarship)

The MBA Decoder team has been an excellent support and guide for my ISB and INSEAD applications.

Having a decent set of credentials and an above average GMAT score of 730, I had expected the application process to be a cakewalk. However, just two months before my INSEAD application submission date I realized that I needed professional guidance to bring out the best in my essays.

I contacted most big names in the MBA consulting industry, but found them to be mostly money-minded. Namita, MBA Decoder’s Founder, showed genuine interest in my profile and this drew me towards taking her help for both my ISB & INSEAD applications.

Working on my applications with Namita and Niranjan has been an eye opening experience. They pushed me to delve deeper into my life stories and bring out the learnings in my essays. They brought about a big transformation in the way I projected myself in my essays.

Namita also put me in touch with the alumni of top b-schools who helped me immensely in shaping my career goals and aspirations. She was stern when I did not meet her expectations and kept pushing me to do better than the best. Her constant thrashing and guidance paid off and I received admits from both the b-schools I had applied to (ISB and INSEAD). I also received a €25000 scholarship grant from INSEAD, thanks to Niranjan’s and Namita’s guidance and help in polishing and shaping my application.

I really think MBA Decoder is one of the best in the application consultancy business both in India and abroad. I highly recommend them to grad school applicants who are willing to settle for nothing but the best.

2018 McDonough and IIM Bangalore EPGP admits

I first contacted MBA Decoder in 2016 after applying to 5+ b-schools the previous year and not getting a single admit. Going through the application cycle a second time was mentally draining and this is where Namita’s mentorship really helped me.

She constantly pushed me to work upon my applications although I must admit, I had lost some steam. But, Namita remained on top of her game all throughout. She sent me regular reminders to work on my applications and motivated me like an elder sister to work towards my dream of getting an MBA. She made me relook my entire application strategy, which led to a new set of more focused essays for every business school where I applied. She helped me revamp my resume and ensured it screamed impact and leadership, in line with what b-schools look for among candidates.

Eventually, I had admits from McDonough School of Business and IIM Bangalore. I decided to attend IIM Bangalore. I am loving my experience here and have MBA Decoder to thank for guiding me through the challenging application process.

USC Marshall – iBEAR admit with $45k scholarship

I had applied to a few MBA fellowship programs for senior managers before I met MBA Decoder, but did not achieve great results. I hired MBA Decoder to assist me on my LBS Sloan fellowship and USC Marshall’s iBear MBA applications.

Although I understood the application writing process, but the MBA Decoder team brought a new perspective to my application strategy, which helped me gain admission to iBear MBA towards the end of their application cycle.

Throughout the process, the MBA Decoder team followed a very structured approach. Namita discussed my life stories several times over to help me pick the most apt ones for the application.  For the main essay, “tell us something about yourself that will strengthen your application”, I initially wanted to write one of my achievement stories. However, Namita felt that given my extensive work and leadership experience, I should rather present a holistic view that demonstrates a habit of leadership. This made a huge difference as my overall experience was really able to shine through. She also refined my resume, which initially focused only upon responsibilities to one that spoke of leadership and impact- all within two brutal edits.

MBA Decoder’s senior consultant Niranjan Kanvinde spent over an hour discussing my career goals. He brought thorough clarification on the best career choices I had available and how I should present them in my goals essay. On his suggestion I wrote an ambitious long term goal which was more in sync with my career so far.

The result was that I was more confident during my iBear interview and got an admit with the highest scholarship of $45,000. After this result, I did not apply to LBS.

As a special mention, Namita also voluntarily helped me with my MIT Sloan Fellowship waitlist. She helped me deftly mention some key experiences I had left out in my application as I had not considered them as important.

To sum up, the MBA Decoder team went beyond just assisting me with the given set of essays, instead enabling me to create a holistic profile that was commensurate with my substantial work experience. Their mentorship during several phone discussions enabled me to identify what was unique within me while they helped me put that beautifully into the essays.

2018 ISB, IIMB & SP Jain Admit

I cannot recommend talking to Success highly enough about planning your business goals. It involves an examination of operations which allows their team discuss the art of the possible.

I decided to work with MBA Decoder after reading their reviews on various admission forums and most importantly after my discussion with the MBA Decoder co-founder Namita. It took one call with Namita to understand their genuity about the whole process. She gave me a proper understanding of my profile, the expectations and the way to approach each application. The best aspect about MBA Decoder is their self-intuitive process with the necessary guidance and a structured approach. It helped me to think hard and articulate my story which eased my preparation for the interviews. Each application was focused, with personal approach to the story which made the process extremely satisfying. Also, MBA Decoder’s wide alumni connect is very helpful as it can be used to further refine the shortlisting process and also prepare for the college interviews.

I feel their work ethics is what makes MBA Decoder stand out from other consultants. With no bar on the number of reviews till the consultants and the applicants are satisfied with the outcome, personal approach to the essays, objective and explanatory feedback makes the entire process a learning opportunity. To give an example: Even though I did not enroll into the interview package, Namita shared some probable questions and kept me updated on any surprise question which she foresee as for her it was not only about getting the interview call but also to convert it into an admit. This speaks volumes about their work ethics. I would recommend B-school applicants to enroll for their interview package too along with the application package as it completes the entire process thus increasing the chance of an admit.

I am glad I chose to work with MBA decoder and I would highly recommend MBA Decoder to all B-school applicants.

2018 Richard Ivey Admit

After four rejects from MBA schools, I turned for help to Namita from MBA Decoder. She did a detailed review of my profile and understood my goals. She also helped me select schools to apply. One of the most important parts of the application is the essay. Namita transformed my essay from a 3/10 to a 9/10. She is a very hard critic and will give a very clear feedback, which is very important to improve one’s essays. She provides comments on the essay which are very well thought of and after spending a considerable amount of time thinking through all the parts of the essay. She made me think a lot and ensured I delivered better after each review. She has an excellent command of the English language and she helped me immensely with correct edits. She also took care to ensure that she allocates time for each student. I also trained for the MBA interview with her and found this prep immensely helpful. She prepared a list of questions for me to practice. Later, she took my interview in a recorded line so that I could listen to myself and correct mistakes. I found her overall approach very professional and courteous at the same time. I would hands-down recommend Namita to anyone who wants to make his/her MBA dream a reality. She has helped me live my MBA dream as I recently got an admit from the best B-school in Canada.

2017 Duke Admit

After taking the GMAT, I believed that the hardest part of the MBA journey was over but I was in for a rude shock! When I set out to find a counsellor to guide me on my applications, I encountered a plethora of options that left me thoroughly confused.

I did what most people do – I decided to follow the statistics and reached out to some highly reputed counsellors who were frequently quoted in leading newspapers and had multiple top B-school admits under their belt. However, I realised that while they may have been effective for many, these counsellors often took on several people at a time and did not provide the level of personal attention that I wanted. Moreover, given the high volume of students that they worked with, there was a bit of a mechanical element in their process.

Luckily, I chanced upon Namita’s website and decided to give her a call. Right from the first interaction, Namita was very insightful and approachable. There was no hard sell – simply honest feedback and realistic expectations – and I made the decision to seek her help with my applications. Looking back, this decision has made a big difference in my MBA admission applications!

The MBA applications process is quite demanding and often daunting in terms of the variety of decisions that one needs to take – which schools should one apply to, which round of admissions, what should be the stories built into the applications, how should the resume look – the list is long! However, with her experience, Namita helped me get organised and cut through the clutter and navigate my way through the maze that this the admissions application process. She helped me organise my thoughts, pulled me up when I was not working hard enough, probed me and forced me to dig deep for long forgotten stories, gave me some tough but highly constructive feedback that made for excellent fodder for the application essays. She worked weekends, stayed up nights, drew upon her professional network comprising of top B-school students and alums to help me craft out applications that I was personally very happy with.

If you are looking for someone to do the heavy lifting and help you cut corners, please do not work with Namita. However, if you want to be in control of your applications but you need someone to challenge you, to guide you and to motivate you, I can’t think of a better person than her! She is a ‘counsellor’ in the truest sense – she won’t do the work for you but if you are willing to work hard, she will be with you every step of the way and offer you her best so that you can give your best shot!

2017 Duke Admit

Namita’s services are like water to a stranded man in a desert. She is one admission consultant who treats an application like her’s. The passion for seeing the applicant get into the dream school is not a job for her, it’s her mission.

I had approached her completely lost after getting dinged from most schools I had applied to. She counselled me to not lose hope and prepared me for the new cycle. She helped me refine the schools I apply to by using past data and evaluating my chances of getting an admit based on the school’s history and perceived strengths. I was fortunate to be able to use the very strong network of current students and alumni at various top schools to further refine my list and understand what sets one school apart from the others. Her preparation of my profile was thorough and the effort she made on my essays was sometimes more than what I made myself. She always ensured I stuck to the schedules and constantly chased me when I got late. With the help of her team of very accomplished individuals, I was able to improve the essays before submitting an application.

Her interview preparation was as thorough as her application preparation, and I faced each interview completely prepared and knew what to expect. She was like a godsend for me and I owe my admit solely to her.

2017 IMD Admit

Having seven years of international work experience, I was certain I wanted to get my MBA from a European business school. After talking to several Indian consultants, I chose MBA Decoder to help me with my applications. During my initial discussions, before I had signed up with them, Namita came across as a genuine person who truly cared about seeing me into business school- this was corroborated when I talked to one of her previous applicants to get a review about MBA Decoder’s services.

To begin with, I had some strong positives in my profile that would help me in the application process, but unfortunately, I also had a couple of negatives which needed to be addressed and I didn’t know how! Namita discussed my strengths and weaknesses with me candidly and helped me bring them forth in the applications in the right light, therefore creating the right impression but also addressing any doubts about my candidature. MBA Decoder’s structured template enabled me to put down all my life’s anecdotes on one excel sheet and this eventually became the indispensable document that I referred back to several times, eventually also using it to prepare for the interviews.

I had signed up for MBA Decoder’s service for 5 business schools, but unfortunately, I fell terribly sick and had to stop my applications for atleast three months. The MBA Decoder team was extremely patient through this ordeal and later helped me pick the thread from where we had left. They provided me their undivided support. The result was that I interviewed at all the b-schools where I had applied and gained a coveted admit at IMD.

IMD has an intensive interview process called the assessment day, with multiple rounds of interviews and assessment exercises. MBA Decoder with their contacts with b-school students and alums, arranged mock interview sessions for me which helped me prepare for what was to come during the day long assessment exercise.

Overall, I had a great experience working with the dedicated MBA Decoder team and would recommend them to every applicant.

2017 ISB Admit

MBA Decoder helped me with my ISB application and they did an amazing job at that. After having spoken with several consultants, it took me a small telephonic conversation with Namita, co-founder of MBA Decoder, to go ahead with them.

MBA Decoder has an unbelievably high conversion rate and it’s ought to happen with the quality of work they put in an individual’s application.

First step begins with filling up of a detailed word doc, which can be used as a ready reference in future. Then, there is a brainstorming session in which ‘Why MBA’ & ‘Post MBA goals’ are discussed, post which the work on essays is initiated.

I believe journey to MBA begins with soul searching and the entire process (for any school) is designed in such a way that you get to know yourself better at the end. MBA Decoder guys are not ghost writers, rather they will make you understand your strength and weaknesses through their brutally honest reviews. Namita’s continuous grilling and critical evaluation helped me write a crisp essay covering all the aspects of my story.

The differentiating factor about MBA Decoder though is their strong alumni connect from diverse fields. Multiple sessions with alumni from my background helped me strengthen my basics and also helped me clarify about what to expect from an MBA.

Lastly, I should also mention the level of commitment that Namita has towards her work. She is one of the very few people in this industry who actually love their jobs. In fact, the dedication with which she works motivates you only to work harder towards continuous betterment.

Thank you Namita. I have the utmost respect for you. You helped me to my target school when I was most desperate.I would highly recommend MBA Decoder to all the MBA aspirants out there.

2017 ISB Admit

MBA Decoder’s co-founder Namita assisted me for preparing the essays for my B-school applications. I had 100% success rate for all applications prepared with Namita. Her past professional experiences, clarity over essays’ content, and no-compromise policy on the quality of the essays ensured a successful application package. She was clear about the essay requirements for different B-Schools and, helped me mold my profile accordingly, which ultimately resulted in successful applications.

The differentiating factor while working with Namita was the personal commitment and passion that she brings into the essay writing process. B-school application preparation is a lengthy process. However, during the period of our interaction, every application was treated with equal importance. We continued the editing and feedback cycle for the required duration and achieved the required quality of essays each time.

I feel that in spite of having the required profile for an MBA application, I lacked the time and research to package it into a top quality B-School application. Namita successfully bridged this gap and helped me achieve my desired admits. I wish her and MBADecoder all the best and congratulate for helping numerous candidates for getting into Institutions of their choice.

2016 Multiple schools Admits with scholarships, studied at Purdue University- Krannert School of Management

I came across many consultants who told me that, with their help, I can get into top 15 schools, sounds good. Namita didn’t. Namita was very realistic with me during the process. She took a detailed approach to help me understand my strengths and weaknesses and helped me frame my story in a way that put me in the best light. Namita is excellent at figuring out the best and putting it in a concise and powerful way.

I applied to 5 schools and got interview calls from all of them. Final Result: Admitted to 3/5 (with a good scholarship from all three) and waitlisted in other 2. 

I am extremely pleased with how the entire MBA application process went and how Namita helped me at every step, and I would highly recommend MBADecoder to MBA applicants.

2016 Multiple b-schools admits with Scholarships, Studied at Georgia Tech- Scheller College of Business

ISB, Georgia Tech, Minnesota Carlson, Wash U – Olin, Maryland Smith, UC Davis, SMU Cox and so on are some of my admits after taking help from Namita (MBADecoder).

I started my MBA journey in Dec 2014 and started applying to schools in Jan 2015. I decided not to take help of any admission consultants, but I was not able to convert any admits. This is when I started looking for admission consultants. I found many consultants but none of them offered what I was looking for. I was not satisfied with any of them. Just when I was about to give up on hiring a consultant, I got a call from Namita and we spoke about my requirements, my profile and what I need to do to get an admit. We talked for about an hour. This was all I needed to take help of Namita and make the payment.

Namita takes a personal interest in your application- essays, resume and so on. She is very persistent about bringing the best answers for the questions asked irrespective of the number essay reviews that has to be done. She is very straightforward which is something I liked the most. I had a very good experience and I thank Namita for all her help.

2016 Oxford Said and ISB Admit

Working with MBADecoder was pleasant experience. I have followed a non-linear career path, so I wanted to put my case with someone who has experience of handling candidates from diverse backgrounds.

During preliminary research I found that MBADecoder has a strong founding team with graduates from LBS, Booth & ISB. So I undertook its free profile evaluation service. Insightful analysis provided by Namita made me to stick with MBADecoder.

I had availed her services in March so I had ample amount of time with me. Like a good doctor who carefully tries to understand the root cause of ailments through multiple diagnostic checkups before suggesting any remedy, she helped me to revisit important life events, discover my strengths and weaknesses and solidify my career goals in a very structured manner through her unique review template.

After the diagnostics were over, she was astute in grasping my case & gave solid suggestions for presenting my application. She also helped me in finalizing B-schools based on my strengths and career goals.

Together we decided to apply to Yale, Oxford and ISB. She has impressive connections in B-Schools across the world. She helped me to connect with 20+ people who are already through the application process.

Yale was my first application and despite her repeated suggestions to change some key points in my application, I didn’t budge and as a result I got rejected. After the first rejection (that I feel is due to my insistence on presenting application in a certain manner), she and her team doubled their efforts in helping me to improve my application. Because of the efforts MBADecoder team, I got shortlisted for both Oxford-SBS and ISB and from coming April; I would be a part of Co2017 of ISB.

From day one, Namita took co-ownership of my application; she acted like an elder sister & even scolded me whenever I had lost focus during the application cycle. She had spent as many sleepless nights as myself, if not more for giving suggestions for improving my application.

As a testimony to her professionalism and commitment I would like to mention that early during my application cycle she met an accident and broke her arm. She did not tell this to me so that I do not get even the slightest thought to procrastinate and shift my applications to the second round. She worked doggedly with one hand and made sure that my applications are submitted before the deadline. And it was after all the submissions were over she told me about her hand condition.

I would definitely recommend her to someone who is seeking assistance anywhere in the admission process. But remember that her feedbacks on your essays would be brutally honest; if the essay is worth crap she would say so and would make YOU to work hard on it. She will not act as a ghost writer and will lambaste you if you show slack during the admission cycle, because then you would be ruining not only yours but also her application.

2015 ISB Admit

After finding MBA Decoder on Pagalguy, one phone conversation with Namita was all I needed to decide that I wanted them to guide me with my application to ISB. The best part about the service from MBA Decoder was that they connected me to all the right people who made me understand the admission process better and understand my strengths and weaknesses. Within the first few weeks of signing up for their services, I had a much better picture of what I needed to highlight from my profile to maximize my chances of getting a shortlist. Once I got shortlisted, their mock interviews helped me get into the right mindset and put my best foot forward in the actual interviews.

I would recommend their services to anyone who is looking for a competent group of people to help field a competitive application to any business school, particularly ISB. Their approach of focusing on understanding the applicant’s profile first helped enormously in my case and I am sure they will be an excellent choice if you are looking for help with your business school applications.

2015- MS, Supply Chain Engineering, Georgia Tech

I used MBA Decoder’s services for application to MS programs. I was already familiar with Namita’s work and wanted someone with a professional approach towards my case. As expected, Namita helped in immensely in profile evaluation and projecting my essays in the right light. I must say that she kept pushing for perfection, even when I thought that we were already there. This helped fine-tune many portions of my application which ultimately resulted in an admit from a top university.

Again, thanks for your undivided attention Namita.Wishing you the best for your future assignments.

2015 HKU MBA Admit

My decision to go with MBA Decoder was based on their active participation on MBA forums and more importantly on the connection I formed with Namita. Namita took interest in understanding my professional background and extracurricular engagements and encouraged me to focus on my career goals. She guided me on what experiences I could leverage for a business school application, which was a key factor I was unclear about.

Each experience with MBA Decoder was personal, focused and extremely satisfactory. The inputs and suggestions Namita provided during the essay editing prompted me to think in a more structured way and thus make my story more impactful. 

The mock interview session was extremely well conducted. Gaurav asked me all the relevant questions during the interview. Most valuable was his feedback- he evaluated my answers and provided suggestions on how to improve on those. After working on these aspects, I felt confident and well prepared for my real interview, which went really well!

I am so glad that I chose MBA Decoder. I realized there were many questions, doubts and discussions which crop up during the admissions process and you need advice that you can trust. I found Namita to be very accessible and supportive while brainstorming on all my queries.

It was very rewarding to get an admit from HKU and I thank MBA Decoder for being a valuable part of my journey! I would highly recommend the services offered by MBA Decoder to all MBA aspirants!

2014 Yale and HEC Paris Admit

I took the services of MBA Decoder for my applications to HEC Paris and Yale SOM. The phone sessions / Email exchanges with Namita and Sachin were effective and to the point. Their template organized all the information at one place and covered every aspect of the process. Namita was assertive with her deadlines and made sure I delivered on time. I recommend MBA Decoder to all prospective applicants.

2015 – Warwick Business School & ESCP (Europe) eMBA Admit

Namita is perfect blend of style and substance when it comes to preparing essays and correcting stories for top class B-schools. She is one stop solution for serious MBA aspirants who seek breakthrough into MBA programs.

MBA Decoder is my best choice since she helped me win 50% scholarship in Warwick EMBA and got selected for ESCP EMBA.

She is just straightforward and tough but incredibly strong with content. Absolute no false promises and hidden overhead charges. I recommend her for any non-native MBA aspirants looking for MBA schools globally.

2014 – Chicago Booth Admit

I got in touch with Namita when I started considering applying to business school. Her help with school selection and application content was invaluable in getting me admitted to UC Booth.

2014 – NYU Stern Admit

I found MBA decoder on PagalGuy forum and was immediately attracted to their unique strategy. As I do not have strong writing skills, I needed one-on-one care from a professional consultant. I also needed someone who could assist me with all aspects of the application by focusing on my best stories.<strong> I did not want to limit the reviews, for I knew that placing restrictions on my essays reviews/edits would not have brought out their true intent. I was so right, because my NYU personal expression essay went through more than seven edits before we finally agreed to convert it to a creative presentation. The other essays were also reviewed/edited more than four times. </strong>

Namita is empathetic and established a meaningful relationship with me. She listened deeply to my thoughts, perspectives, motivations, and values and strategized my essays to bring out the underlying messages from my life experiences. <strong>She is easily accessible and gave appropriate time to my phone calls.</strong> All my discussions with her have been mind-openers. During our conversations I used to get very focused on my own messages, but she instantly connected with my emotional signals and impacted my thoughts to best position my messages.

<strong>Both Namita and Sachin performed thorough research of the school and encouraged me to attend info sessions.</strong> Comprehending the school culture, they helped me brainstorm my goals and why NYU essays. Namita gave me mini-deadlines and I must say that we got a lot done in a short duration. The last week was very critical for both of us. My personal expression presentation was still not finalized and she had to help her other candidates with ISB deadline. She kept her calm and gave me ideas to break my presentation down, making it more captivating. I am extremely pleased with her promptness and timely feedback.

While NYU is still releasing its decision, I got my acceptance in a month’s time. I am extremely grateful to MBA Decoder for their help in my selection. Their depth of knowledge and breadth of experience transformed my average profile to a compelling one.

I would highly recommend MBA Decoder to anyone who is serious about breaking into his/her dream school. I could not have done it without you!

2013 – Kellogg eMBA Admit

I consulted MBA Decoder for my application to Kellogg’s EMBA program. They have up-to-date and latest information about B-School admissions of major schools around the globe. This shows up when you talk to them and also reflects in successful admissions they had in past.

When I started working with them for my essay, I was asked to jot down the points I wanted to highlight. Note that I was remote, so we used email, phone call etc for communication. They were very professional, clean communication and focused on end goal. They have enough experience and backed by great homework, they know exactly what admission committee will be looking for to guide you write essay. They bring out information about you which you may not think significant, however can play big role in forming your essay. At the end my essay had all the information I wanted to capture and presented in a very appealing manner and apt for B-School application. Best part is, you will get confidence that it’s your essay written by you. For me this was a game changer when I was preparing for my interview.

Let us evaluate your MBA potential and develop your game plan.
Give us 15 minutes.