Month: August 2014

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Class Profiles for Top B-Schools- Part 1

B-schools applications are just at the turn of the corner! Many of you applicants are making decisions about the b-schools where you will apply. For your convenience, we have compiled the stats of the latest incoming classes for the top B-schools. Viewing them all together will give you a fair chance to compare and decide. […]

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Cornell Essay Analysis for 2014-15

Starting this year, Cornell has given you the option of prefilling your education and employment history and with your LinkedIn profile.  The other option of-course is uploading a neatly formatted resume.  A change in the traditional way of doing things, it does reaffirm our belief that in the following years, schools are going to increasingly take […]

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Volunteer to make your MBA Application standout

A key element of your MBA application is your ability to showcase a 360 degree vision of your personality. The western world greatly values the holistic development of a person, and a hence volunteering experience is a key differential to your profile. Such fellowships are ideal for  applicants who face the challenge of an over-represented […]

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