Ding Analysis

Ding Analysis

by wpboysnew

Who should take the Ding Analysis service:

● If you received a reject in your B-school application earlier
● You want to learn from your mistakes and get an expert’s view of what went wrong.
● We offer this for FREE to applicants as part of our contribution to the community

Ding Analysis: How it works

●  You send us an email with ‘Reject analysis request’ in the subject. Include your application essays and your resume.
●  Receive the reject analysis from us, covering our analysis of your application and high-level recommendations for improvement
●  You may request a call to better understand the analysis, in case required.
● Depending on availability, our consultant may decide to do a short call with you explaining the analysis.





Let us evaluate your MBA potential and develop your game plan.
Give us 15 minutes.