Application Strategy Roadmap

Application Strategy Roadmap

by wpboysnew

Who should take this service:

If you are considering or starting your MBA applications journey and are trying to figure out answers to the following questions:

  • Which are the various activities involved in preparation for a solid application
  • What is my level of preparedness to be successful?
  • To¬†which schools should I apply based on my profile and my career aspirations? How can I improve my profile before the application deadlines?

The Application Strategy Roadmap Process: How does it work

The process simulates a real B-school application process. For you as an applicant, this is very valuable because:

  • You do this in a safe environment, as you are not applying to a real b-school
  • Still, you go through the entire experience of building an application
  • You get feedback on what you are doing right and what needs improvement. You will NOW relate to this feedback because you have gone through the thought process required for an application, made decisions on what to write and what not to write and spent an effort doing all this.

The following steps are involved in this exercise:

Step 1: Building the Foundation
You will answer several questions related to your personal and professional life. These questions will bring out your personality, your motivations, your strengths and weaknesses, your leadership experiences and your accomplishments.

Step 2: Essay writing:
You will write a few essays which are typically part of any B-school application. This may also include a video essay. You will receive some guidelines from us to write these.

Step 3: Discussion on Step 1 & Step 2
Our consultant will do a 45-minute call with you discussing your building the foundation template, trying to understand your profile, accomplishments, and experiences better. By detailed questions, this would validate the information you would have provided and generate significant insights about your application.

This discussion would also provide valuable insights for you, as you will learn, as an example, that what you considered as a unique accomplishment is not really as unique. On the other hand, another example you did not consider as relevant may be the hidden gems.

You will learn to start applying the right lens to select your stories for your application.

Step 4: Video Interview
You will go through an asynchronous video interview. Also called as a video essay, this has become a step that several schools have included in the application process. We are including this experience to make you comfortable about interviewing.

Step 5: Your output. This is what you receive:
1. An application strategy roadmap report which outlines your current level of preparedness, identified areas of improvement, suggested approach for it, the expected effort involved and recommendation on target B-schools, personalized for you.

2. One hour call in which you get an opportunity to discuss the report with our consultant. In this session, you can ask questions to understand our recommendations, clarify if anything is not clear and also ask any other question which you may have.

The Application strategy Roadmap exercise takes between 1 to 3 weeks depending on how quickly you turnaround the work at your end.





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