Profile Building

If you are a few months away from applying to business school and there are areas where you can improve your profile, then why not act upon them, now? Infact, as a serious applicant, you owe it to yourself to build your profile while you can do still do something about it.

You have probably already registered on various MBA forums and got a basic idea about where you stand from admissions consultants, students and other applicants. But, once you have acquired this information you need more solid advice, in the form of an action plan on what to do and how to do it. In short, you will need to start developing your profile, not just evaluating it.

How does MBA Decoder help you in building your profile?

If you are atleast two months to two years away from the application deadlines, you can use your time now to iron out those creases from your profile that make you less competitive.

MBA Decoder will work with you to develop an action plan that will help you achieve this goal. Here are the steps involved:

1. Once you sign up with us, you will fill our template to answer questions related to your personal and professional life.

2. We will follow this up with a detailed phone discussion to understand your story.

3. Based on the previous two steps, we will present our analysis in the form of a detailed report that uncovers your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (yes, the SWOT analysis). We will also advise you on the actions you should undertake over the following months/ year, in order to make your profile attractive to target b-schools.

4. This exercise will also serve you as a branding activity, where you discover your key points of differentiation and can later strategize your application around them.

5. Over the course of the year, we will have four contact sessions with you to gauge your progress over the actionable items.

6. If you are applying within six months of deadline, we will have contact sessions with you every month.

Service fee:

1. Assistance 2-6 months before applying: INR 5,000

2. Assistance 6-12 months before applying: INR 7,000

3. Assistance if you will apply 1+ year later: INR 11,000