Daunting questions!

Well, the MBA admissions process is quite daunting, but not if you start early and adopt a structured approach.

A client once said, “A wonderful point about the whole application process is that it has helped me discover myself”.

MBA Decoder will help you decode and simplify the MBA admissions process. We understand what the admissions committee is asking for and we have helped hundreds of applicants navigate through this path.  With our expert knowledge and guidance, you would not only put together a stellar application but also start your journey to know yourself better.

Where We Can Help You?

Different parts of your application – essays, recommendations, resumes and the online tabular form need to be stitched together to present a cohesive picture of you – a compelling candidate.

MBA Decoder will help fill in any missing pieces in your application package to give a holistic picture of yourself to your target b-school’s admissions committee.

How Do We Do This?

You have all the information about yourself and with our help, you will think through, conceptualize and articulate this information into an application. The process includes:

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