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To get you into
Business School

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Our applicants have studied at
Wharton, Kellogg, Booth, Tuck, Yale,
and many more...


We are a team of senior consultants who work very hard towards making you successful.



We place your interests before ours. We do not limit your interactions with us. Neither do we limit our essay reviews.



We will help you with your MBA and MS applications to any university in the world.


We Simplify MBA Admissions For You

Frequently Asked Questions

Applications are not merely about essay writing. They require a lot of behind-the-scene effort. If you are 3-6 months away from applications, contact us now to understand how you can build your profile. If you are applying within 3 months, you need to run….!

Both GMAT prep and application building require intense discipline. If you can do both systematically, then why not! There are several admissions related peripheral activities (b-school research, profile template building, networking) that need to be completed before you write the actual essays. Starting early will give you the time to do these

Although we have helped MBA applicants apply successfully in as less as a week, we recommend you keep aside 3 weeks for your first application.  It’s time taking devising your application strategy and putting together the application materials – the resume, essays, recommendations, video essays and the application form info.

That’s against the rules and ethically not correct. We will meticulously guide you to write relevant content and even edit it for clarity and structure. But we will not write your essays from scratch.

We are a small team of very competent consultants who are passionate about their work. You will work directly with one of us.

We don’t limit our edits. As your advisors, our primary role is ensure you submit a compelling application. Sometimes it takes longer than two or three reviews (offered by other consultants) to do this.

We have comprehensive packages for 1, 3, 5 and more b-schools to suit your needs. We also offer standalone services for profile building, resume and interview preparation.


Our consultants being management consultants, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs are recruiters for their companies. They regularly interview applicants for their b-schools.

We’ve helped hundreds of applicants get into their dream MBA programs. Your success story starts here.

The most important thing about the MBA Decoder team’s service is that you get personalised attention at all times. There is no cookie cutter approach used: you write your own essays and Namita provides you ample feedback on all aspects, along with tips on how to fine-tune the writing further. 

Wharton- Lauder Dual Degree Admit


Working on my applications with Namita and Niranjan has been an eye-opening experience. They pushed me to delve deeper into my life stories and bring out the learnings in my essays. They brought about a big transformation in the way I projected myself in my essays.


Asian man

Namita’s application services are like water to a stranded man in a desert. She is one admission consultant who treats an application like her’s. The passion for seeing the applicant get into the dream school is not a job for her, it’s her mission.

Duke, Fuqua Admit