Your dream B-schools beckon you! But how do you get there?

 We at MBA Decoder will help you to navigate the complex MBA admissions process all the way to your dream b-school.

Why Us?

MBA Decoder is a specialist MBA admissions consulting firm that really knows what the leading global schools are looking for as our co-founder and advisory board are graduates from LBS, INSEAD, Michigan Ross, Cornell & ISB among others.

But, How?

We will work with you on some problem areas which can make it or break it for you!

Problem #1:
I have too much / too little information
We will use our structured template to help you generate meaningful information about yourself.

Problem #2 :
One application does not fit all.
We know what each b-school is looking for and we will help you to customize your application strategy for every b-school.

Problem #3 :
But I belong to the oversubscribed Indian applicant pool.
Our extensive brainstorming will help ensure your competitive positioning v/s others


Our Differentiatiors

We do not count the number of iterations on essays and the hours on phone with you.
We stop only when completely satisfied that your application reflects your best.
So, all in all you get our complete and personalized attention.


Where We Can Help You?

Different parts of your application – essays, recommendations, resumes and the online tabular form need to be stitched together to present a cohesive picture of you – a compelling candidate.

MBA Decoder will help fill in any missing pieces in your application package to give a holistic picture of yourself to your target b-school’s admissions committee.

How Do We Do This?

You have all the information about yourself and with our help, you will think through, conceptualize and articulate this information into an application. The process includes:

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