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To MBA, in Europe or the USA?

This past year, there has been increasing interest from applicants about European MBA programs. A major reason is an uncertainty about the US visa laws as well as a lack of clarity over Brexit, which has made both US and UK lose some sheen among Indian applicants as favored MBA countries. This article makes a […]

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How to get into Kellogg MBA: Advice from a Kellogg Admit

FuturePM91 is a Kellogg MBA candidate for the class of 2020. She was one of the most active members on GMAT Club last year and continued to help applicants after gaining admission to several b-schools. She applied to 10 b-schools and was accepted into 5 of them, including Kellogg with scholarship. Kellogg is where she […]

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Kellogg MBA 2018 Essays

Essays for Kellogg MBA 2018 application have not changed since last year. Both the essays are reflective and require applicants to deeply think through their experiences, what they learned out of them and how they grew as better individuals and professionals. Deadlines: R1 – SEPT 19, 2018 R2 – JAN 9, 2019 R3 – APRIL […]

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How to Research Business School for Applying?

If you are just getting started with the MBA application process, this is a question that could be tormenting you like none other. Which b-schools should I apply to? How do I research business schools for  MBA applications?  If you have trawled any admissions related forums, you would already have picked up buzz words like […]

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Class Profiles for Top B-Schools- Part 1

B-schools applications are just at the turn of the corner! Many of you applicants are making decisions about the b-schools where you will apply. For your convenience, we have compiled the stats of the latest incoming classes for the top B-schools. Viewing them all together will give you a fair chance to compare and decide. […]

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Kellogg Essay Analysis 2014-15

  1. Resilience. Perseverance. Grit. Call it what you will … challenges can build character. Describe a challenging experience you’ve had. How were you tested? What did you learn? (450 words) Kellogg has always asked about challenging situations or obstacles in their essay lineup. This year, there is a little bit of a twist to […]

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Marketing at B-schools- Which are the top programs?

Marketing is a vital function in any organization, and needless to say, every b-school out there offers a specialization or an array of electives in Marketing. Many career paths open up for MBA students who have specialized in marketing. Every industry has a marketing function, be it a consumer goods or services company, advertising, non-profit, […]

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US Based B-schools: Application Deadlines

The application cycle for US based b-schools is kick starting this September 24th, with HBS leading the rounds. We are publishing below deadlines, for b-schools, so that you can plan your time better. Wharton Application Deadline           Decision Release Date R 1         1- Oct-11                           20-Dec-12 R 2         3-Jan-13                            26-Mar-13 R 3           Mar-13                               May-13 Submit by 5 pm EST Interview […]

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