Finally, you have managed to write your first draft. This is a great starting point as now your mind is thinking actively. But, are your essays comprehensive? Do they flow well; present a well structured case to the reader? Do they answer the questions asked? Above all, do they generate the reader’s interest?

Having read your essays umpteen number of times as you draft them, you are likely to miss out on crucial pieces of information. These may be trivial, yet important details. For example, if you start the essay with a quote, do you make a reference to it in the course of the essay, or follow the quote’s theme in your answer? If not, the essay will sound disjointed and inconclusive.

MBA Decoder’s extensive prompts during the essay evaluation phase will help you to add nuances in your answers that will not just complete the story, but also make it a relevant and interesting read.

We believe that every word you put into your written application should help you answer the question correctly. This is also crucial as you chase strict word limits set by each b-school. We will give you a detailed feedback for content and grammar on each of your drafts, until we (and you) are satisfied with the end product.

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