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School is cool. But which B-school is the coolest for you?

If you are just getting started with the MBA application process, this is a question that could be tormenting you like none other. Which 5-7 b-schools should I apply to?  If you have trawled any admissions related forums, you would already have picked up buzz words like “fit” when collating your “target b-schools” list. Essentially […]

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Class Profiles for Top B-Schools- Part 1

B-schools applications are just at the turn of the corner! Many of you applicants are making decisions about the b-schools where you will apply. For your convenience, we have compiled the stats of the latest incoming classes for the top B-schools. Viewing them all together will give you a fair chance to compare and decide. […]

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US Based B-schools: Application Deadlines

The application cycle for US based b-schools is kick starting this September 24th, with HBS leading the rounds. We are publishing below deadlines, for b-schools, so that you can plan your time better. Wharton Application Deadline           Decision Release Date R 1         1- Oct-11                           20-Dec-12 R 2         3-Jan-13                            26-Mar-13 R 3           Mar-13                               May-13 Submit by 5 pm EST Interview […]

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Understanding the Case Method

The case method is a popular way of teaching at b-schools, though the degree to which they use it can vary.  B-schools like Harvard Business School and University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business in the US,Richard Ivey Business School in Canada and IE in Spain are known for their case method pedagogy and use it as their predominant mode […]

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HBS : Transcripts & More

HBS Admission’s Director, Dee Leopold has written a new post in her blog, to help applicants with their application checklist. According to her, HBS will require, “all transcripts be uploaded this year. No more templates for you to fill in your grades. This makes verification after admission easier for us and safer for you.” So, […]