Submitting an Application That Shows Maturity

“Making the best use of my resources and circumstances always is my passion. It helped me get several opportunities to display my personality as a self-starter, team player and multi-tasker.

After engineering, I got a job in IT which was a new field for me; I decided to give it my best. My resolution led me to be among the top three performers in our batch. While working in IT, getting certified on the skills is a major achievement. I was awarded with certificates on my skills and also on new technologies”.

Every year, we get several essays like this one, which go on a never ending, mindless banter! Can this essay impress?  Not really!

The essay not only does not impress, but also tells another thing about the applicant: that his ideas and thoughts lack maturity. He does not have the ability to analyze a situation and serve the reader information after assimilating and filtering it. The result is a salvo of thoughts flying in all directions, but making no impression at all.

Why does your maturity level matter to a business school?

Because, the level of discussion in an MBA class is of very high quality. You will have students with as much as ten years of work experience. How is the level of discussion that you engage in, adding to their experience? What are others getting to learn from you during class and project discussions? Unless the insights that you have drawn from your work are of high quality, there is little knowledge that you will contribute to the class. And this is also likely to get reflected in your essays.

Even if you do write solid essays with help from friends, family or admissions consultants, the interview can be another place where you can give yourself away. Many of the MBA interviews have behavioral questions that test you on specific experiences. If you are asked what was your biggest achievement, and your answer revolves around earning an IT certification, it will not be a very powerful example.  Rejection could be on the cards!

The good thing is that you can work on your professional maturity.  Become aware of what you speak and how you speak on a day-to-day basis.  Make your communication with people around you more meaningful.  And when you write your essays for the business schools, give better insights than the example above.

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