Interview Prep

Preparing for the interview is not difficult. It just needs practice, tons of practice!

Our interview panel has experts from the top international b-schools like Fuqua, Tuck and ISB. Being alumni, they have been there, done that- and tasted success!
Don’t miss a chance to gain from their expertise.

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  • Unlimited practice on the Epoise* app (Android and iOS) till submission and feedback on ONE submitted interview
  • An exhaustive interview with our expert
  • Feedback containing actionable items
    INR 10,000


  • Unlimited practice on the Epoise app (Android and iOS) till submission and written feedback on ONE submitted interview*.
    INR 3,000

*How to use the ePoise app:
1. Once you have signed up for our interviewing services, download the Epoise app from App Store or Google Play and register.
2. The video interview will consist of 5 questions, each question can be answered in up to 2 minutes. These questions will be randomly presented from a set of 50 questions. Each of the 5 questions will represent the following categories:

a.Introduction/ Background
b. Career goals/ Why MBA, Why Now?
c. School specific
d. Behavioral question
e. Random questions

3. After you complete the interview, you can watch its video recording. You can retake the interview unlimited times and a different set of questions will appear every time. When you are satisfied with your performance, you can submit ONE COMPLETE interview.
4. Our consultants will see the recorded video and give you a feedback which will be visible to you on the Epoise app.



  • An exhaustive interview with our expert
  • Feedback containing actionable items
  • A list of past interview questions.
  • A follow up interview with same interviewer on request (additional charge- Rs. 2,500)

INR 5,000


  • Two exhaustive interviews with two of our experts
  • Feedback containing actionable items
  • A list of past interview questions.

INR 8,500

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Our Interview service testimonials:

I had two mock interviews sessions with the MBA Decoder team and they gave me the confidence to interview with my target schools. In my first interview, I learnt the top improvements I will have to make and I practiced them during my second mock and gained confidence!

What I found most helpful about the mock interview process was the introspection I was asked to make aloud on my interview performance, after my interview. This introspection process, along with the constant insights on my thoughts from the MBA Decoder team, taught me how to best communicate my answers. These introspection sessions lasted between 45 and 60 minutes immediately after my interview and was my best takeaway from the mock interviews.

The other factors about the mock interviews which helped me are (a) the mock interviews were very close to the real interviews – the interviewers made notes, added insights after my responses, the timelines were similar to the real interviews and so were the flow of questions, (b) the interviewers were alums from my target schools, (c) the interviewers clocked my responses for each question and suggested ideal response frameworks and timelines, and (d) the interviewers were available post my mock interviews for further assistance and support”.

I had a great experience interviewing with Gaurav. The questions were challenging but more importantly his feedback was incisive. He pointed out mistakes in my presentation and gave me 5 interview questions that I must prepare for. This built my confidence”.

My mock interview with Sachin was an eye opener. He asked me a lot of tough questions with a line of cross questioning. At the end he gave me a detailed feedback on my performance and advised me on how I should improve my answers. The result was that I was very well prepared when I gave the real interviews”.

The interview really gave me a perspective as to how to coin my responses. I really appreciate your help!”

Wanted to tell you that I made it to ISB. Thanks a lot for your help. I should have taken your help before my oxford interview as well but anyway…”