Rotterdam Erasmus

Application Deadlines:
Round 1: 24 April, 2017
Round 2: 26 June, 2017
Round 3: 21 August, 2017
Round 4: 16 October, 2017
Round 5: 13 November, 2017

What the Admissions looks for:
* Leadership Capability
* At least three years’ work experience
* Strong Academics
* Global mindset


Essays Questions:

1. How do you see your career developing and how will this programme help you achieve your goals? (500 words)

2. Describe how the socio-economic environment in which you live/work impacts your business decisions. Please explain your answer and use examples from your own experience whenever possible. (500 words)

3. Describe the most difficult decision you have made and its effect on you. (500 words)

Other Requirements:

1. Proficiency in English. Submission of English language tests is not required initially.

2. Two letters of recommendations

3. GMAT/GRe scores

4. Application fee: € 100

5. Interview is by invitation Only. Interviews are conducted by alums, admissions staff or faculty members