Richard Ivey Ties Up With MDI, Gurgaon

Richard Ivey School of Business has partnered with MDI, Gurgaon, for developing India-based case studies and also for distributing them globally.

Its worth noting that Richard Ivey is the second largest producer of business cases, after Harvard Business School, and the world’s foremost producer of Asian case studies. Ivey adds more than 200 case studies to their repository each year and provide cases to a number of business schools around the world.

The partnership will help MDI in training faculty and case writers in case writing and case teaching process and also in expanding its research network to enable more cases.

Carol Stephenson, Dean at Richard Ivey, said in an interview with Business Standard, “We are partnering with MDI Gurgaon to develop joint cases. I believe that case based learning is a highly effective and relevant teaching methodology to make management education more attuned to real world business challenges, particularly in fast-growing and emerging economies such as India.”

She added further, “We have been associated with India for a long time. The number of Indian students in our campuses is also increasing, especially after our alumni, an Indian businessman in Canada has announced 50 per cent scholarships for Indian students.”

She also said that the Indian students at Ivey, Toronto campus, were looking at coming back to India. “India has the opportunities — entrepreneurial and otherwise. That is why our students are looking at the country more than ever before. Moreover, our mandatory international business trip to India, as a part of the curriculum, is raising awareness among the students about the country.

Clearly, business schools across the world are recognizing India’s importance, not just for the applicant pool that goes to study in their institutions, but also for an equally talented student-base that wants to earn the MBA in India.

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