Kellogg Introduces the Video Question in the MBA Application

ISB no longer has it, but some other b-schools have added it to their essay components. Accept it! Videos are the new hottie on the tech circuit; b-schools are adapting to them and in coming years, you are only going to be submitting more and more video essays. Some b-schools who require it this year are Kellogg and Yale in US and Rotman & Queens  in Canada. ISB has “dinged” it this year.

Kellogg’s essay has been introduced by the Assistant Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, Kate Smith. She says that, “This video essay is an opportunity for the Admissions Team to meet you – wherever you are in the world. Please approach this as a conversation with us. The spirit of the questions is for us to get to know you. There are no right or wrong answers”.

Following this, you can take a test to prepare yourself before recording your final answer. You get a randomly selected question on screen and will have 10 seconds to prepare for a 10 second screening.

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