An Interview with IIMC-PGPEX Alumna and a Successful Author- Part III

1. IIMC was the inspiration for your first book. Please tell us how?

When I came to IIM Calcutta for my MBA, I knew it would be a year of sweat and labor. But what I never imagined was that I would be writing my first book here. A random thought while having dinner at the mess changed it all. I came back to my room and thought long and hard about it.

I wanted to write about the dilemmas people face when they take a road less travelled. Be it a single person or a couple deciding to take a break from work and trying out something different, it is not easy. From finances to a spouse’s jobs, from one’s parents’ health to the children’s school; everything tries to bog one down. I wanted to know what drove people to take the risk.

I decided to narrate each story through the person’s own words. I spent the next few months interviewing people and taking notes. I was so engrossed in it that I almost forgot what I had come to IIM-C for. It has taken me many sleepless nights and umpteen cups of coffee to study and write the book at the same time. But in the end, it seems all worth the trouble and the experience has been truly gratifying. My Beloved’s MBA Plans has helped a lot of people make their own decisions when it comes to balancing professional and personal lives.

2. Having graduated from IIMC 5 years ago, what do you think it the value of the program at this stage in your career?

IIM-C not only gave a good headstart to me but also some core soft skills which are useful as you grow in the corporate ladder. Negotiating with top management, prioritization frameworks, structured approach to problem solving, business metrics orientation are some examples.

3. For a student who wants to transition to product management, which are the best IIMC resources? lease mention courses, projects, extra curricular activities.

Participate in a lot of college events where one works on a business problem, especially from a product management perspectives. Engage with the alumni and peers to learn from their experiences.

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