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Joining MBA in Fall Intake? Or in Spring intake?

“But I really must join business school this year”. We hear this sentiment from eager b-school applicants every year, after they have missed the deadlines for MBA programs starting in Fall, or have been unsuccessful in their Fall applications. While a Fall intake is prevalent in most business schools, there is a small list of […]

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An Interview with IIMC-PGPEX Alumna and a Successful Author- Part II

Q1. Please describe your career before the MBA and your transition to product management. I had no clue till I did my Engineering as to what direction I wanted to give my career. Like everyone else, my mom wanted me to get good marks. When I topped in Delhi in Class 12th, everyone told me […]

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An Interview with IIMC-PGPEX Alumna and a Successful Author- Part I

Several years ago, Disha Chabra had reached out to us to write a blog for us. At that time, she was fresh out of her IIM Calcutta PGPEX course and had just published her first book. Since then, Disha has worked as Product Manager at Yatra Online, Paytm and now Amazon. In due course, she […]

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How Much GMAT Should I Score?

“How much GMAT score should I get for XYZ school?”  I have heard this question being asked consistently over the past six years, since MBA Decoder came into being.  Now that b-schools have started accepting GRE, applicants have added GRE to that same question. For the “cent percent” marks obsessed Indians, the answer could not […]

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ISB’s Early Entry Option: Q&A with the ISB Admissions Team

Recently. we had a chance to chat up with Sanjay Dhingra, Senior Manager in the admissions team at ISB and incharge of the Early Entry Option 2015. He gave us some sound inputs that will help Early Entry Option applicants make their application stronger. Here is the interview: 1. Who should apply to the Early Entry […]

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Factors to Consider When Selecting Business Schools

We recently wrote a blog on ways to research business schools. But before that you need to know which factors should you take to account when zeroing in on your perfect list of b-schools. Here are some criteria that can bring method to your research: Job related Factors: 1. Employment opportunities: The main reason why […]

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Top Eight Reasons to do an MBA

Are you at a stage in your career where you are clueless as to what the next stage should be? Need a boost but unsure about how to get it? You might not know it yet, but an MBA might be the answer, if any of the following problems bother you: 1. You have hit […]

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Submitting an Application That Shows Maturity

“Making the best use of my resources and circumstances always is my passion. It helped me get several opportunities to display my personality as a self-starter, team player and multi-tasker. After engineering, I got a job in IT which was a new field for me; I decided to give it my best. My resolution led me […]

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How to Showcase Your Leadership Capabilities to a Business School

Leadership is one of the most sought out traits in b-school applicants. As an aspiring b-schooler, you must demonstrate your leadership capability through the resume, essays or recommendations. In this post, we will list down some of the leadership characteristics that matter. Even if the essay questions do not explicitly ask you write a story […]