Our Approach

We have outlined the process for our complete application package:

how it works

Step I:

MBA Mindfulness: Become Aware
We have encountered many MBA applications which were compiled without the applicants demonstrating awareness about themselves. The applicants had pulled out random situations from their mental repertoire, and bingo! the essays and other application components were done.

Well, it’s not as easy as that.

The next step after decide to do an MBA is becoming aware of yourself: what are your strengths and weaknesses? What are your achievements? What makes you tick? Which areas can you improve upon? How will the MBA help you do that? How will the MBA help you grow in your career?

MBA Decoder has a structured approach to help you answer such questions. At the onset of your engagement with us.  you will fill up a template to answer questions related to your personal and professional life. This exercise will help you in two ways:

1.   You will comb through your entire life to pull out incidences, ensuring that you do not miss any aspects that will be important for the development of your application.

2.   This comprehensive template will become a reference point for you during the entire application process, including the interview stage.

Moreover, reading the template helps us  get a complete picture of you. Until we understand you completely, we can not help you in the best possible way.


Step II:

Getting Cerebral : The Brainstorming Stage
Once we have your completed template, we will extensively discuss it with you over the phone. We will help you identify your key strengths and skills that you must talk about in your b-school applications. Together with you, we will also identify those incidences that are workable into impressionable stories and fit into the overall essay strategy.


Step III:

B-school selection: Which ones of them are for me?
Applying to the right b-schools is as crucial as submitting a good application. We will help you generate a list of b-schools based on your specific criteria and fit.  Starting your engagement with MBA Decoder early will enable you to take a structured approach in conducting informational interviews with b-school students/ alums of your target programs, before finalizing the ones you will apply to.


Step IV:

From Evaluation to Transformation: Review
Once we have nailed down your target b-schools, we will discuss with you guidelines for writing your essays. You will then write your first drafts and send them to us for review of content, style and structure. This process of evaluation goes on for 3-6 rounds. We do not limit our essay edits and push you to improve them until we are satisfied with the outcome.

Though initially you may get bogged down by our brutal feedback, you will realize that it has played its part in transforming your essays.


Step V:

The Last Mile: Sanity Checks
After this, we (MBA Decoder) do the editing for word limit, grammar and typo errors. You are all set for submission.


In addition to essays, we will help you with:

Adcoms do not look favorably upon resumes that go on forever. Business writing is all about being concisely informative and this is what your resume’s aim is going to be.

What we will help you in:
1. Trimming your resume to one page. If it’s half a page, we will get you to incorporate what you have missed out
2. Talking about your managerial responsibilities and achievements, not the technical ones
3. Talking about relevant certifications, educational achievements, extra-curricular activities, basically scrap the flab
4. Formatting


What we will help you in:
1. Selecting recommenders
2. Creating pointers for the recommenders to base their report on


Online tabular form :
The online tabular form is an important component of the application as it contains some vital information which does not appear elsewhere in the application. We believe it needs to have the same tone as the rest of your application. We will help you to ensure universality in your application.

The good part is, all of this gets done by you, with our help! Ghost writing is not our forte.